cooking parmesan chicken with caryn

So, here we go!  I finally have perfected Parmesan Chicken!  Thanks to Chef Ramsey and watching Chopped!  Yup!  “’It’s Raw” stuck in my head.   So, the trick here is the browning in the pan, then finishing in the oven.  You will end up with gorgeous chicken parmesan!  And, of course, the trick to ensuring […]


I love Pinterest!  All the ideas, creativity that is posted on that site is inspiring.  When I decide to bake something, I like to browse around and take pieces of ideas from various sites.  With spring coming, I wanted something that said “Hello Sunshine!!”  So, while exploring around, I found Lemon and Blueberry cakes.   Most […]


I love baking cupcakes and was asked by some of my friends to make a birthday cake for one of our friends.  I gave this a lot of thought.  This cake was for a man who was turning 43; and, I didn’t want this to be just a cake.  This guy loves his whiskey and […]

Civil War Menu Changes

Just before Memorial Day, I explored the web to learn about food during the Civil War Era!  I learned that sugar was a rare resource and molasses was more in abundance.   I also learned that our soldier’s diet mainly consisted of pork or beef, which was typically salted and boiled to extend the shelf life.  So, I […]

Memorial Day & Civil War Menu

Memorial Day is the celebration commemorated the sacrifices of the Civil War and the proclamation was made by General John A Logan. In years since World War I, the day has become a celebration of honor for those who died in all America’s wars, as well as those who are Veterans and current members of […]

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