Its finally fall here in Texas, meaning its time for hot meals. Carne Guisada or stewed meat is one of my wife’s favorite meals when the weather turns chilly. Its also one of my must-try dishes when I visit a new Mexican restaurant. If they make a good Carne Guisada then I know they treat their food right.

I found my recipe in Texas Monthly magazine. But since I can’t actually follow a recipe as written, I’ve made some changes that I’ll share with you. The recipe¬†calls for 2 different types of dried chiles that are then soaked and pureed. I’m a bit too lazy for that. So I replace that with a can of chipoltes in arbol sauce.

Rather than use stew meat, I like to take a nice roast and cut it into chunks. It makes the meat more tender.

It also calls for flour for a roux that is added to the stew as a thickener. Since I started Keto, I’ve thrown out all the flour in my pantry. I used Konjac Root Glucomannan Powder (ordered from Amazon) and it worked great. And we couldn’t taste the difference.

Be prepared, it takes about 3 hours to make but its soooo worth it. Sever in a bowl with shredded cheese and some sour cream or Mexican crema and enjoy the warm feelings



John at Adventures in Keto and BBQ

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