Castles, Royals, & Mothers


Everyone loves Castles.  Whether it’s the structure, the history, or the imagination of what ifs, everyone is intrigued by castles in some way or another.  However, every few get to see and explore real castles.

Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World, Florida

In America, we have the Castles at Disney World and Disney Land, not quite the same as a real Castle.  But, for a lot of Americans this might be the only castles they will ever see.  I have been fortunate enough to see many beautiful castles from different parts of the world.   

Castles have become one of my fascinations.  They are loaded with tons of interesting history and fables.  From the Royal families that lived in them to the architectural design of the castle itself.  I have so much to share with you on castles, but there’s not enough room here for all the details.  So, that will be an eBook in the future.  For now, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorites in this blog. 

My favorite castle has to be the Blarney Castle, near Cork, Ireland.  Yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone, which is why I have the gift of gab!  (ha ha ha)

Side of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Another one is Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.  Here you can see the famous Royal Edinburg Tattoo Military in action. 

And, if you want to see a lot of castles in one trip, I highly recommend taking a river tour down the Rhine River.  There are so many beautiful castles to admire while leisurely floating down the river. 

Exploration down the Rhine River, Germany
Inside Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy

In some countries, Castles are considered Palaces.  I had the honor to visit the Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy.  This palace is packed full of interesting history, from being the Doge’s residence and central ground for the Venetian government to Court and Jail.  Lots of Castles have dungeons or jails, but this one is famous for the Bridge of Sigh – that’s another story.

The most famous castles are Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.  They are very intriguing and full of entertaining and educational history, as well as being the home of the current reigning Royal Family of England.  I had the honor of being in London, England the day that Prince George was born. 

Windsor Castle in England
Buckingham Palace in London, England

Rick and I had been exploring London’s many great sites all day and had finally settled down at a local pub to try the local brew and vino.  We were having a good time relaxing with a few locals and other tourist, when the announcement came over.  The new Prince had been born.  The pub went wild.  And, lots of people started talking about heading to Buckingham Palace to see the announcement.

Me loving a great adventure and once in a lifetime experiences, decided that we needed to go see the announcement.  Rick on the other hand was very content sitting at the Pub, drinking his beer, and visiting with locals.  I finally convinced him that this was one of those once in a lifetime events that we were not going to miss out on!

I imagined going to the Palace and seeing a giant banner, lots of light, and maybe even fireworks, since that’s what you would expect to see in the States for such a great event.  But, that’s not how they do it in London.  When we got to the Palace, there were tons of people everywhere.  You could feel the energy and excitement in the air.  Everyone wanting to get in line to look at the announcement at the front gate of the Palace. 

People outside Buckingham Palace.
People in line to see Prince George’s Announcement in London, England.

So, we had to get in on it too and waited in line for over an hour to see the 8×10 announcement of Prince George’s birth sitting on the golden easel inside the Palace gate.  Yalp, that’s right! The announcement, of the new Prince, was an 8×10 framed piece of paper on an easel that people were waiting hours to see.  If you were in the States, it would have been a huge spectacular announcement with all the glitz.   But not in England, they are much more laid back.

Another thing that strikes me as funny is the attitude of the Royal Family compared to other celebrities.  In the States, a lot of celebrities are “Look at me!  Hi, it’s me!”  But the Royals, especially the Queen, are so nonchalant waiving at people as they pass, not acting as if it’s any big deal.  And, of course, there’s Prince George’s birth announcement –  like, ok he’s here.  On the other hand, the people of England celebrate and go wild.  Everyone knows when there something big going on.  Just like the newest addition to the Royal Family – Archie. 

I would like to congratulation the newest Royal Mom (Megan Markle) on the birth of her baby.  Being a mother is amazing, incredible and heart wrenching at times – enjoy every minute of it!   And, now you can enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day with all the other mothers in the World. 

One very interesting historical note about Mother’s Day, that I found through research, is that it originated from celebration of Royals.  According to

“Celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day is the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.”

“The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.”

You would think Ms. Jarvis, the lady that helped establish Mother’s Day, would be ecstatic to achieve such an event.  However, oddly enough, she fought the rest of her life against the holiday due to the commercialism of the Holiday.  If you want more information on Mother’s Day, take a few minutes and watch the video on  It’s pretty interesting. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article.  And, to all my Mom followers out there, may you have a Happy and blessed Mother’s Day.  

See you again soon,


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