Exploring Gotland and the Island of Faro

I know you’re probably thinking where in the world is Gotland, let alone Faro.  Gotland is a little island in the Baltic sea off Sweden.  It was once a popular trading post in the Viking age which was transformed into a very wealth island later, due to its trading of silver.  Some silver can still […]

Branson – God, Family & Country

If you have ever been to Branson, you can attest that Branson is all about God, Family, and Country.  Myself, I get that feeling of coming home, every time I go. The people are so friendly, polite, and hospitable.  It is a wholesome environment, where parents can feel comfortable in taking their children to any […]

Memorial Day Blessing & the Pope

This exploration is about the Vatican City, seeing the Pope give mass, and a spiritual outlook on Memorial Day.  Lots of people would love to see the Pope giving Mass, but few get to see it.  I have been fortunate enough to experience it.  Rick and I, along with some friends, were coming back to […]

Hobbiton & Golden Frogs

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Wow, I want to go there!”  Well, if you’ve ever watched The Hobbit, today is your lucky day.  Haven’t see the movie but still want to experience an absolutely surreal place, you’re in luck too.  Come explore Hobbiton with me.  Hobbiton’s location was discover when the producers […]

Beatles’ Hometown – Liverpool, England

Beatles’ Hometown – Liverpool, England Our next exploration destination, Liverpool, UK, is a northwest England port town best known for being the Hometown of the Beatles.  Liverpool’s waterfront is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City.  It is home of the Merseyside Maritime Museum (the anchor point of the European Route of […]

Castles, Royals, & Mothers

Everyone loves Castles.  Whether it’s the structure, the history, or the imagination of what ifs, everyone is intrigued by castles in some way or another.  However, every few get to see and explore real castles. In America, we have the Castles at Disney World and Disney Land, not quite the same as a real Castle.  […]

ROAD TRIP: Graceland – Not Just Elvis’ Home Anymore (Memphis, TN)

One morning, Rick, Mom, and I were having breakfast when we notice that we were about to run out of our special cherry jelly and apple butter.   Of course, that meant it was time for a road trip.  So, we loaded up the car and were off on another adventure thru Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and […]

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik, Croatia

In 2018, Game of Thrones (“GOT”) had been on HBO for quite a few years, but I had no idea what it was.  Yes, it was all the rage. But, I was too busy elsewhere to watch it.  Then, I booked a Cruise and one of the stops was Dubrovnik, Croatia.  So, I started researching […]

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