Sausage Skillet

This week’s One Skillet meat is brought to you by Texas Sausage Company and the letter D for Delicious I have still have some sauce links in my freezer from Texas Sausage Company and figured it was a good day to use them. I pulled out 4 links of both the regular and the Jalapeno […]

Armadillo Eggs

Cooking is an adventure – Its a fun, enjoyable journey but sometimes you don’t end up where you thought you were going. Last week I made Armadillo eggs – they are like the Texas Twinkies but instead of wrapped in bacon, they are covered in sausage. They start the same way as the Twinkies, create […]

Carne Guisada

Its finally fall here in Texas, meaning its time for hot meals. Carne Guisada or stewed meat is one of my wife’s favorite meals when the weather turns chilly. Its also one of my must-try dishes when I visit a new Mexican restaurant. If they make a good Carne Guisada then I know they treat […]

Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin is a great cut of meat. If you’re not cooking this protein on a regular basis, you should look to add it. Its simple, cooks consistently and is easy to do even on a weeknight. Its also a really healthy option – 3 ounces contain only 122 calories, 3g of fat, and 22g […]

Sausage Shrimp Skillet

This week’s one skillet Keto meal is shrimp and sausage. Very simple and tasty. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to do all your prep before you start cooking. It makes the actual cooking much easier and you’re not rushing trying to measure and stir at the same time. It also means less […]

KETO Margarita

Labor day weekend just past recently. As always, it’s a traditional end-of-summer party. A perfect time to cook out and enjoy a cold drink – especially here in Texas where we’re still above 100. I’m a tequila guy. My favorite is Patron Anejo for sipping. My go-to party drink is a margarita. I’ve had a […]

guacamole & The keto diet

The Keto diet is much more than just cutting carbs. The goal is to switch your body from using sugar in the form of carbs to using fat as its main fuel source. The only way to do this is to make sure you get 70-80% of your calories from fat. If you consume too […]

mIRacle Rice!

Ok, so its not really rice. And, I’m not sure yet if its a miracle. But, I’m going to discuss it with you. My Keto coach told me about this product at dinner the other night. So, I ordered some from Amazon and got it yesterday. I got a box of rice and a box […]

Texas Twinkies!!

I found a video in my recommended on YouTube last week. A cowboy cook was making Texas Twinkies and Armadillo Eggs. Both looked good, so I tried one this weekend. A Texas Twinkie is variation of a Jalapeno popper. But, it was good. In a bowl, take a brick of softened cream cheese and a […]

Chicken Wings and Keto

I love chicken wings – its both the perfect snack and the perfect meal. Its also infinitely customizable for your mood just by changing the flavors. With football season coming up, I thought it would be a good time to talk about them. So are wings OK on Keto? Well it depends on how you […]

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