Silver Dollar City & Kid Magician

Going to Branson, Missouri is always so much fun.  And, one of my must do stops is Silver Dollar City (“SDC”).  Walking into SDC is like turning back the time to the 1800s.   SDC started way back in the pioneer days when the Hershen family purchased the Marvel Cavern from the Lynch Sisters. The Hershen’s […]

NO Debt After Graduating College

Imagine going to college for 4 years and not having a debt when you graduate. You say sure, if I get a full-boat scholarship.  BUT, that’s not the only way.  I have discovered an amazing option to make that dream come true.  Let me introduce you to the College of the Ozarks.    Also known […]

Branson – God, Family & Country

If you have ever been to Branson, you can attest that Branson is all about God, Family, and Country.  Myself, I get that feeling of coming home, every time I go. The people are so friendly, polite, and hospitable.  It is a wholesome environment, where parents can feel comfortable in taking their children to any […]

USA Diversity

The United States of America is such a diverse country.  It’s not easy to know where to start. So, I’m going to briefly touch on a few differences and similarities of the North, South, West, East, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest and the Midwest.  Each of these areas are similar, just like the trees in the photo […]

Cruising & Exploring

Cruising is by far my favorite mode of transportation.  I love to port hop!  The idea of waking up each morning in a different port, or even country, is amazing to me.  I can explore the world so much faster this way, than going to a certain place for a week or so on a […]

Memorial Day Blessing & the Pope

This exploration is about the Vatican City, seeing the Pope give mass, and a spiritual outlook on Memorial Day.  Lots of people would love to see the Pope giving Mass, but few get to see it.  I have been fortunate enough to experience it.  Rick and I, along with some friends, were coming back to […]

Hobbiton & Golden Frogs

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Wow, I want to go there!”  Well, if you’ve ever watched The Hobbit, today is your lucky day.  Haven’t see the movie but still want to experience an absolutely surreal place, you’re in luck too.  Come explore Hobbiton with me.  Hobbiton’s location was discover when the producers […]

Castles, Royals, & Mothers

Everyone loves Castles.  Whether it’s the structure, the history, or the imagination of what ifs, everyone is intrigued by castles in some way or another.  However, every few get to see and explore real castles. In America, we have the Castles at Disney World and Disney Land, not quite the same as a real Castle.  […]

Why do I want to Blog?

I have been fortunate enough to travel many wonderful places in this world using various modes of transportation.   And, I hope to continue doing the same for many years.  Through my adventures, I have gained experience and knowledge that I would like to share to help educate / enlighten people on different cultures, ways, and […]

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