Chicken Wings and Keto


I love chicken wings – its both the perfect snack and the perfect meal. Its also infinitely customizable for your mood just by changing the flavors. With football season coming up, I thought it would be a good time to talk about them.

So are wings OK on Keto? Well it depends on how you eat them. There are typically two types of wings – bone in and boneless. Boneless wings are really just chicken nuggets in sauce – meaning they are covered in breading and a hard NO for keto.

How about bone-in wings? That depends. If they are dry rubbed, they are totally keto. Enjoy and have fun. If they are sauced, then typically the sauce has lots of sugar in it pushing them out of reach on a keto diet. The exception to this are hot wings – the hot buffalo sauce is vinegar based, not sugar so its not just good on wings, but good on everything on a keto diet.

Most of the national chains publish nutrition information. You can take a look for yourself to see the carb difference between various sauces and rubs. Its very information – so take advantage of the information available and you’ll stay keto.

If you want to try and make them at home, you don’t need a fancy deep fryer. Below is a link to Alton Brown’s baked wings that are indistinguishable from fried wings – other than not being greasy!…/…/buffalo-wings-recipe-1937515

Enjoy! See you again soon.

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