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Cruising is by far my favorite mode of transportation.  I love to port hop!  The idea of waking up each morning in a different port, or even country, is amazing to me.  I can explore the world so much faster this way, than going to a certain place for a week or so on a vacation.  If I went for a week and didn’t like the place or if it was small, what would I do for the other 6 days of that week?  I figure after I have explored the world, then I know where I would like to go back and spend more time. 

Santorini, Greece

Yes, you don’t get as much time at each place when you’re cruising.  But, if you do some research before you go, you know where to start and what you want to see first before you even get there.  And, the rest just comes as you go.  I always want to try the native food and see the native sights. 

Yes, the touristy stuff is fun, but you learn so much more about the culture and people when you go to their native home and surroundings.  When I’m on a tour, you can bet that I’m stopping and looking at the flowers, the landscape, the way people are living and acting – the whole topography and culture around the area.  People are so interesting.  The way they live, act toward one another and even their own families.  And, of course, I’ll be looking at the sites – statues, paintings, and other things to do. 

Blue Penguins in Southern Australia
Our Lady of the Rock, Montenegro

However, when I’m on the ship cruising, there is no loss for things to do or eat.  I feel like they expect you to eat every few hours on the ship.  That’s why an average person will gain 10 pounds per 7-day cruise. Of course, I try to stay busy with other activities instead.  There are shows at the theater, a casino, shops, pools, bars, library, daily coordinated events, multiple restaurants, arcade, and of course, the spa.  Some ships even have an ice-skating rink and amusement park areas.  It’s like being on a floating city.  But my favorite again, is exploring the ship – imagine that!

Cruise Ship docked in Curacao. Look at the pick rocks. Gorgeous! But, why are they pink?

Let me give you a little insight on my version of exploring.  When I explore, I like to utilize my four (4) phase technique:  Explore, Discover, Learn & Inspire.   I explore the new location.  I open my eyes, look, and discover something new.  I try to learn something from what I have discovered.  And, then, I try to inspire others from what I have learned by discovered something new from my exploration. 

So, come journey with me as we explore the world thru Explore, Discover, Learn & Inspire.   And, remember, I need your input to know if I have accomplished the 4th one!

See you again soon!


2 thoughts on “Cruising & Exploring

  • We love to cruise as well. For me its being able to relax while the whole hotel moves between stops. We like the Carnival Spa Cabins so we can just sit on the heated loungers and watch the water. We’ve got 2 cruises planned – a 7 day this September to Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel and a 12 day from Barcelona next May for our 30th anniversary.

    Do you typically do the standard cruise-line offered excursions or do you book your own. Typically I like to do something different than the standard “lets rush 200 people here at the same time while we sell them overpriced trinkets” but for Europe since the travel times are so great from the ports to the cities, I was thinking I should just book the cruise ones.

    • Thank you for commenting. As for which tours we take, it depends on the location, time on port, travel time & distance. I book excursions both through the cruise-line and on my own. I typically do not like the completely tourist attractions as I like to discover new things and learn from them. I do however, book some tourist attractions that center around culture and history, but they need to be fun too. When booking my excursions, I generally have already done research on the place that I am going and know some of what I want to see – at least the highlights. If we have a very limited time at the port and the place that I want to see is a pretty good distance away, I will generally book with the cruise-line, since they will hold the ship for me if we were running late coming back. If not, I generally book through Viator, look at the site under “Things to Do” for the link.

      I am going to be expanding the page to include quick links to various places soon. You’ll see the framework there now, but the general link works now. So, feel free to look at all the excursions they have to offer. Also, Viator has also recently started this cruise guarantee that takes care of you with your running late because of their excursion and miss the ship.

      Enjoy your upcoming cruises. If you need anything, please let us know. We have been on the Belize/Honduras cruise a couple times. Honduras is one of my favorite ports. It’s so friendly, clean and beautiful. Belize is different with all the security around at the port. But, don’t let that discourage you from exploring Belize. I have snorkeled the Barrier Reef from there and taken helicopter trips too. And, Cozumel is just a fun little spot to stop, hang out and explore the entire island. As for Barcelona, we’re going there in September. I’ll be blogging about it then. So, come back to see the blogs and get inspired.

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