Aspiring Food at Home & Abroad

Nola is proud to announce that her friends (John and Caryn) will be exploring with us. They will be writing about aspiring food at home as well as abroad. They will be exploring the World of BBQ, Special Diets like Keto, Recipe of all Kinds, as well as giving Tips, Techniques, and Recommendations.

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing from my friends:

Caryn will be experimenting and creating recipes for all types of food, including Dessert & Cupcakes. She will also be Critiquing and Making Suggestions for Food and Restaurants, from home and abroad.

John will be exploring the World of BBQ, including Recipes, Sauces, Seasonings, Side Dishes, Techniques, and Equipment. He will also be traveling down the Keto Diet path and taking us with him.

Stay tuned to hear what John and Caryn have to offer as they Explore the World of Food! And, feel free to interact with them on any of their blogs.

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