Jalapeno chicken bacon poppers


We had some friends over for game night Saturday and I wanted to come up with a new snack. I had had some poppers at the Oasis last weekend and wanted to see if I could recreate them. They turned out really great – Jalapeno slices and cream cheese wrapped in chicken wrapped in Bacon. Covers all the bases and its keto.

I started by taking my jalapenos and slicing them into slivers. I typically wear gloves to do this as one wrong rub and you’ll hurt for a while. Then I took a package of cream cheese and let it soften. I then mixed in a half cup of shredded extra sharp NY cheddar.

For the chicken, I grabbed a package of tenders at the store. I cut them in half and then used my tortilla press to flatten them down. I seasoned the chicken pieces with some creole seasoning. On each piece of flattened chicken I put a bit of the cream cheese mixture and a slice of jalapeno then folded it in half. Then I wrapped the chicken in half a slice of Jalapeno bacon and secured with two toothpicks. I placed the completed item on a rack over a half sheet pan covered with foil.

I was able to make these ahead, cover, and put in the fridge until later in the day. I cooked them about 35 minutes at 350, then broiled for about 2 minutes to crisp the bacon. Pull them out of the over and turn them over and then broil the other side about 2 minutes.

Happy Cooking!

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