Jerky is a great food whether you are doing a Keto diet or not. Its portable protein with big flavor. On the go and need a snack? Protein is always better for you than sugar or carbs.

You can buy jerky everywhere these days. Just visit a Bass Pro shop and you will find dozens of different varieties.

One of the big things I’ve learned on Keto is to read the nutrition information much more carefully. Especially with things like Jerky. Most of the packages you can buy contain huge amounts of sugar – not something any needs but especially bad on my Keto diet.

Luckily making Jerky at home is not only easy but cheap. I like to use London Broil steaks from the grocery store. They handle well and don’t have too much fat. You want a lean meat when making Jerky as the fat doesn’t dry well. Typically I make up about 4 steaks (5-6 pounds) of Jerky at once. When you get the meat home, put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes before cutting – it cuts much easier hard. Also be sure your knife is nice and sharp. Slice the meat across the grain into thin slices. I like to cut it at a diagonal as well since it produces a wider slice. Put your cut slices into gallon zip lock bags (I use 2 for the 4 steaks) and add your marinade.

A really simple one is half coconut aminos and half Teriyaki sauce. To spice it up add some red pepper flakes. The internet is full of jerky marinade recipes including lots of keto ones. So find the flavor you like and go with it. Add your sauce to the meat, remove as much air as you can and seal the bag. I’ll typically keep mine overnight and turn the bags a couple times to get the flavor well distributed.

The last step is to dry your meat. Some people use an oven but I prefer a dehydrator. You typically want a lower temperature than most ovens can go. The idea is to remove all the water from the meat, not cook it. I have a Nesco dehydrator I picked up on Amazon after reading a lot of online reviews. Its under $60 and makes great jerky every time. I did buy an extra set of trays to increase the capacity so I can make a bunch at once.

Once the meat is dry, I’ll typically split it into 2 bags – one goes in my fridge and the other into the freezer for when the first is finished. I grab a few pieces every day for a mid afternoon snack. The extra protein helps me get through to dinner.

Make some yourself and let me know your favorite flavors.

In case you want the dehydrator, here it is:

See you again soon!

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