Labor day weekend just past recently. As always, it’s a traditional end-of-summer party. A perfect time to cook out and enjoy a cold drink – especially here in Texas where we’re still above 100.

I’m a tequila guy. My favorite is Patron Anejo for sipping. My go-to party drink is a margarita. I’ve had a legendary margarita recipe for 30 years that now that I’m Keto, I can’t use due to the high sugar content.

Our friends who have been doing Keto a lot longer than myself, had been telling me about this Keto margarita mix. I was pretty skeptical and most margarita mixes taste really bad. But it was either try it or be sad. Turns out it’s a really tasty margarita and completely Keto.

The mix comes in 5 flavors – Lime, Mango, Orange Mango, Pineapple and a Pinktini flavor (no idea what it is, just tastes good). My personal favorite is the Pineapple followed by the lime but they are all good. You get 5 pods to a box and the boxes cost $25. Each pod makes a full pitcher of margarita.

I have a hard time just following directions – I’m always tweaking recipes and these are no exception. The instructions for the frozen ritas call for 2 cups of water and 1 cup tequila. That’s just not enough tequila for me. First time I made them, I used 2 cups of tequila and wow – those tasted yummy but hit me like a load of bricks. I’ve settled on 1.5 cups of both water and tequila. I also like a little more zing in my margarita. So, I add half a pod of the powdered vitamin C that I bought to make jello squares.

Your best bet is to try the variety pack – you get one of all the flavors and can try them all out to see which you like better. I’m just figured I would share what I like in case anyone else wants to give it a try.


John at Adventures in Keto and BBQ

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