Mango Habenero Smoked Chicken


A friend of mine made me a really nice brisket sized chopping board. I’ve been paying him back in BBQ. So Sunday, I pulled out the smoker and cooked up 2 butts (one for the board payment) and 3 whole chickens.

When I smoke chicken, I like to spatchcock the birds. It helps them cook more evenly. And, it allows the smoke to get to both sides of the meat and really improves the flavor of the bird. I use my pair of kitchen shears and cut out the backbone. Turn the birds over and lay them flat. Then, I give the breast area a good wack with my hand to get them a little flatter.

I’ve been watching Pitmasters. It seems they are always injecting something. So, I picked up a bottle of injection at the grocery store. I learned 2 things: primarily the birds really didn’t need it. And secondly, I’m not sure I did it right, as there was a layer of the injection liquid when I cut up the meat.

Once the birds were injected, I covered them with a rub and put them on the smoker. For smoke wood, I started with some cherry and about an hour later came back with hickory. I plugged in the temperature probes and cooked it to 160 degrees. The birds came out really nice.

The purpose of the chicken was to have meat for my daily lunch salads. So once it cooled, I shredded it from the bones and put it into a large bowl. I then added a bottle of Mango Habenero wing sauce and mixed it well. My lunches have been mighty tasty this week.

See you again soon.

John from Adventures in Keto and BBQ

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