Ok, so its not really rice. And, I’m not sure yet if its a miracle. But, I’m going to discuss it with you.

My Keto coach told me about this product at dinner the other night. So, I ordered some from Amazon and got it yesterday. I got a box of rice and a box of their miracle noodle variety pack.

Instead of being a grain like rice or pasta, this product is actually made from a Japanese plant which consists of 97% water and 3% fiber. A 3 oz serving has 10 calories and 0 net carbs.

To cook the rice, you first rinse the grains in cold water. Then, boil it for 2 minutes. And finally, dry it in a skillet over medium heat.

So, I made a batch last night. I had some leftover chicken and cheese skillet. So after drying the rice, I added the chicken to the rice and warmed it all up. The miracle rice added a nice texture, but it wasn’t a firm grain like rice.

I’ll keep trying different things with it and let everyone know how it comes out.

Here is a link to their website:

Cheers to Keto!

John at Adventures in Keto and BBQ

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