Pork Tenderloin is a great cut of meat. If you’re not cooking this protein on a regular basis, you should look to add it. Its simple, cooks consistently and is easy to do even on a weeknight.

Its also a really healthy option – 3 ounces contain only 122 calories, 3g of fat, and 22g of protein. That does mean for those of us on Keto we’ll have to add additional fat to the meal.

There are a couple of ways to cook it. For a quick weeknight meal you can put the tenderloin into a baking dish, add a sauce, cover and cook at 375 until it reaches 140 degrees. I’ve cooked these many times so any bottle of sauce – from BBQ sauces, to wing sauces, to even teriyaki. Anything you like you can use.

Since I’ve been playing with my sous vide, I cooked the last two that way, again at 140 for 1-4 hours. At 140, the meat is very juicy and still tender. It will probably be a little pink but that is fine as long as you’ve cooked it to the proper internal temperature. Once removed from the sous vide, you can always sear in a skillet if you want that browned look

I cooked the tenderloins 2 ways. In the first bag I added a Mango Habanero wing sauce from the grocery store. In the second, I added fresh rosemary, sliced lemons and a lemon salad dressing. After removing from the bath, I seared the tenderloins.

Slice the tenderloins and serve with your favorite vegetable side.


John at Adventures in Keto and BBQ

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