This week’s One Skillet meat is brought to you by Texas Sausage Company and the letter D for Delicious

I have still have some sauce links in my freezer from Texas Sausage Company and figured it was a good day to use them.

I pulled out 4 links of both the regular and the Jalapeno Cheese sausage and sliced them up thin. Heat up your skillet over medium heat with some butter and add the sausage. Cook them until they are browned and then remove.

Add a can of Rotel, a large tomato diced, and a bottle of sauce. I used a bottle of the Stubbs Green Chile sauce since its pretty Keto. Once this is hot, add a bad of chopped spinach and cook over medium heat until the spinach is cooked. To thicken the sauce add a brick of cream cheese. I like adding it with a small spoon so its already broken up in the pan. Cook until you have a nice thick sauce then add the sausage back to the pan and stir until the sausage is warmed up.

Serve and enjoy, its Keto-licious!

John at Adventures in Keto and BBQ

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