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Going to Branson, Missouri is always so much fun.  And, one of my must do stops is Silver Dollar City (“SDC”).  Walking into SDC is like turning back the time to the 1800s.   SDC started way back in the pioneer days when the Hershen family purchased the Marvel Cavern from the Lynch Sisters. The Hershen’s invited neighbors to come sell their quilts, jams, soaps, anything, to set up an area for people to shop, while they and others waited on the Cavern tours.  That expanded to what can be found there today.

Today, in addition to the different festivals for each season, you can, of course, find amusement park rides from the kiddy area rides to world class roller coasters. And, the tour of the amazing Cave to explore underneath the city is still running.  But most exciting to explore, discover and learn from are variety of pioneer based shoppes from the Blacksmith, Glass Blowing, Candy Making, Ice Cream, Potions & Lotions, Lye Soap, Honey, Leather to a Bakery.  You will also see an original one (1) room School, Church, Homestead Farmhouse and Barn (including the animals).   There are many other pioneer buildings for you to explore too, including the General Store and many Restaurants.  Or, you can venture down to the Saloon for a root beer and watch the show.  

There are numerous shows and attractions for all tastes, from musical & instrumentals (Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Pop, etc.), dancing, comedies to magical / illusionists.  On this particular visit, I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting (Kid Magician) Kadan Bart Rockett, and his sister Brooklyn Nichole Rockett.  This truly amazingly talented brother and sister team is just 10 & 13 years old, and native to Branson.  They have been on America’s Got Talent.  And, they have been touring all over the world performing.

Kadan & Brookly have been doing magic since they were toddlers, in the footsteps of their father Bart Rockett.  Mr. Bart previously had a magical show here in Branson for many years. He has since taken on other ventures.  I also had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Bart perform previously on a Princess Cruise line.  But, that’s another story.

Kadan & Brooklyn want to send the message that they hope to inspire people of all ages (not just kids) to use their imagination.  Their show is not just for kids, everyone will enjoy it.  And, they want to show it doesn’t take a lot of money to do magic either.  They use stuff they make at their home from cardboard to do many of their tricks.   

If you get the chance to see Kadan & Brooklyn Rockett, don’t miss it!  You won’t be disappointed.  As my grandson told Kadan, they “are better than Houdini with all that disappearing and reappearing all over the place.”  The magic and illusions are magnificent.

Happy exploring!  And, remember, to comment below, to let me know if I have accomplished #4 of my four (4) phase technique of exploring the world:  Explore, Discover, Learn & Inspire.  

See you again soon!


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